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In case you missed it, I taught a class on HIPAA at CDA Anaheim.  This was my first experience at this show (I usually attend the much smaller CDA San Francisco), but let me say WOW!  This show was massive with many of the familiar faces and vendors, but several new ones.  My favorites are always the new IT companies that spell HIPAA wrong on all of their marketing material.  (hehe).

Everyone at CDA was accommodating and made sure my lecture was a success, despite me breaking the AV in the two overflow rooms by using Keynote on my Mac instead of PowerPoint.  Oh yeah, did I mention that the main room was completely full and BOTH overflow rooms were full?!?!?

Even with the technical glitches and late start, I managed to get through all the material and get another large group of California dentists and dental professionals looking at HIPAA compliance as something they actually can achieve.

This was a great show and I’m hoping the folks at CDA invite me back.

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