Do you know all the state and federal regulations in IT that apply to the healthcare sector? Why would you? It’s not your job, but it is ours! Healthcare IT Security & Support Services is a tool ACS provides and uses to help keep you not only compliant but secure, productive, and efficient.

When it comes to Healthcare Security, you must comply with HIPAA requirements, PCI regulations, and Best Practices. When most IT Providers say they are addressing HIPAA, security is what they mean.

Our approach focuses on setting our clients up to succeed with a secure solution from day one. Many known and preventable issues can be removed from the equation by using Best Practices and ensuring the equipment and hardware utilized is up to date.

To provide a secure framework for your practice, we start with a comprehensive suite of security-as-a-service products, including:

• Business Grade Monitored Anti-Virus
• Operating System & Internet Program Patches
• On-Site & Off-Site Backups
• Hardware Firewall & Gateway Subscription
• Secure Wi-Fi
• Encrypted Email
• Mobile Device Management

We know many vendors have access to your server, network, and/or data, and they often pose the highest risk to your security. We take our role as protector of your systems seriously and include Vendor Concierge to all clients. We escort your vendors into your system, monitor their actions, and even video record remote sessions to ensure the security and stability of your operations.

When we have these proactive security measures in place, we can respond to predictable failures, quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. So, if an employee accidentally loses a file, a natural disaster occurs, or when you receive a questionable email, we can address these support issues quickly, getting you and your production back to work. Wouldn’t it make your life easier, knowing that most support issues are resolved in 5-15 minutes?

Give ACS a call today to schedule your IT review and discuss how we can help you and your team!