Photo of keyboard mouse and computer monitor

A couple of days before Christmas we had a sudden influx of calls from offices planning on replacing their flooring or carpet during the holiday.  Our clients are amazing, and know to tell us when they are having any work done in their office – regardless if it effects the computer network or not.

In most of our offices, comptuers are up off the floor and not an issue, however, some offices have unique situations that have computers on the floor. You would think moving computers would be easy, but you wouldn’t believe the number of calls we get from people trying to plug in cables incorrectly.

In some cases we’ve had offices go from carpet to hardwood or pergo that requires a new cabling solution.  Carpet is more forgiving and can hide a cable easily, however, hardwood isn’t as easy to conceal those pesky cables.

Bottom line, call your IT guy before you have any work done in your office.  It’s better to ask if they need to be involved or not or if there are any gotchas.