photo: Vendor Spotlight: Callpop

For today’s Vendor Spotlight, I’d like to introduce you to Callpop.  I recently sat down with Joe Strom, CEO of Callpop to discuss.

ACS: Tell us a little about Callpop.

Joe Strom: Callpop is a revolutionary way to communicate with your patients; we like to say we help you know everything about your patient…BEFORE you answer the phone.

It works by integrating with your Practice Management System (PMS) to pull up information about the patient that is calling. When they call, a screen “pops up” with all of their information, along with their patient file from Dentrix or whatever PMS you’re using.  All of this happens without the person answering having to do a thing.  Does this patient have an outstanding balance owed to the practice?  If they do, it will show on the “pop up.”  When was their last appointment?  Is anyone in their family behind on visits?  All of that shows on the screen soon as the call comes in.  Additionally, you can do 2-way texting with them from your office computer, and you can text links with directions to your office, or a link to a Google or Facebook review.  There’s so much more…it’s honestly a powerful tool!

ACS: Do you have to replace your phones?

JS: No…and that’s why I started the company.  I wanted practices to have the flexibility to choose.  If they like their phone system, keep it!  There’s no reason to overhaul what’s working.  If you don’t like them and want to go to a VoIP system, great!  Whatever it is that works for you, we want to add to it and make it more robust; and in the end, make more money for your practice.

ACS: If it pulls information from my Practice Management System, which systems does it integrate with?

JS:  We currently have integrations with many of the common PMS’s, such as Open Dental, Dentrix, EagleSoft, and Dolphin.  We are also integrating with programs outside of dental, such as Chirotouch and Booker.  This list is continually growing, so if we don’t integrate with your PMS now, we should in the near future.

ACS: Now the question I’ve been dying to ask — since you have such deep integrations with healthcare programs, how do you address HIPAA?

JS: As you well know, HIPAA is not about merely checking a few boxes and getting a certificate of completion, but creating a well-rounded program to identify and remedy vulnerabilities.  We just completed our annual Risk Analysis and Workforce Training. We want to ensure that our customers are confident in Callpop since we have access to such sensitive information.

ACS: Fantastic!  Do you sign Business Associate Agreements?

JS: We are happy to review your Business Associate Agreement, however, for convenience, we have one available for download at  It’s more in-depth to describe the type of services we offer, how we secure your data, and how we handle a Data Breach.

ACS: This sounds fantastic.  Where can potential customers learn more?

JS: You can visit our website at or give us a call at (801) 877-9255.  This month only we are offering a special for ACS Customers.  Until August 31st you can purchase Callpop with a $199 installation fee (normally $499) and $149 per month (normally $199).  We don’t require a long-term contract, and we offer a money back guarantee, so there is no risk at all to get started.

ACS: Thank you so much for your time today Joe.